About Us

     We are a firefighter owned, family operated business located in the small town of Wharton, Texas just 60 miles southwest of Houston.

     JR and Courtney (that's us!) both grew up in the suburbs of Houston.  Both graduated from Sam Houston State University with degrees in Agriculture Business.  JR began his career as a firefighter/paramedic in 2005 and is currently a firefighter (engineer operator) for the same department.  He has always loved to work with his hands.  We started a successful duck and game call business a couple of years before we left Houston which continued once we moved to Wharton in 2013.  The home we moved to had several acres.  We didn't plan to have a farm but that's what we ended up with.  Don't ever get chickens...you'll end up with so many other animals.  We jokingly call chickens the gateway animal.  It was during that time that JR started to hone his skills in woodworking and began to experiment with building bigger as well as more intricate things.  In 2017 we decided to sell the farm and move into the city limits of Wharton.  We gave up the farm to start our new venture and named it Metcalfe Design Co.  We purchased a small house with a good sized building that would give us more room for a woodshop.  We completely renovated the 1940s house, which turned out to be much older.  Almost every part of the house had to be touched in some way.  It was a long 10 months but that was expected with JR doing most of the work himself.  It was truly a labor of love.  Now that we are settled in the house we have been on a great adventure of establishing our business and building anything from fun home décor to custom furniture pieces to custom cabinets and vanities.

     This webpage is dedicated to selling our home décor.  If you wish to view/order our custom furniture or live close to Wharton and need cabinetry/remodeling, please click here to go to our facebook page.

     We aren't happy until our customers are happy.  Let us create something for you.  We are happy you are here, thanks for visiting our page!